My name is Kelsey. I'm a 22 year old media student, aspiring to work in film, television and games.

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“Film your murders like love scenes, and film your love scenes like murders.” - Alfred Hitchcock


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I’ve been thinking about what kind of outfit I should wear to my meeting with my clients. I was told today that our clients will be the media department of Chesterfield College and as I’m having a little break from college work, I put this outfit together on a website and I’d love to find something along these lines. It’s smart yet casual and very feminine. One thing I may add is that I have tattoos on my arm and hands, I know my clients (as they are my teachers) and they know I have tattoos already, yet I’m going to treat this as a first ever meeting and I’ll aim for a long sleeved top or a blazer or smart cardigan to go over the top of my outfit.  
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