My name is Kelsey. I'm a 22 year old media student, aspiring to work in film, television and games.

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“Film your murders like love scenes, and film your love scenes like murders.” - Alfred Hitchcock


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Ident Diary - Storyboarding process

I’ve just finished drawing out and writing the concept of my concept. I’m going to be working with the idea of the changing seasons.
I don’t feel I have enough knowledge in animation to create an animated picture, as I desired. I discussed my idea with a friend and I though I could use stop motion and create my concept using coloured cardboard, when I discussed this with my client I was recommended to take pictures of all the shapes I will use individually and edit them together on Photoshop and Motion. So as oppose to using stop motion, I’ll be animating my work together.
I was told to look at Angelina Anoconda for inspiration, following this post  will be a video clip of Angelina Anoconda, so you can get a feel of where i’m heading with my idea.

After a quick discussion with my client we decided to work on the dark blue logo and to change the shade so it was lighter, back to an original idea I was using whilst aligning my text. 
This is my final logo, what does everyone think? :)
This is a copy of my contact sheet for my final logo, which do people like the best?
Ident Diary - 3

After conferring with my client we decided on the second logo and we worked together a little on making sure the border around the tree and the text was equal from all sides. I’ll soon post my contact sheet.

These are my first two ideas for my logo, I think I prefer the second one more.
Ident Diary - 2

So it turns out, I’m not brilliant when it comes to do anything on a computer, unless it’s blogging or self promotion etc.

I’m really struggling with my ident work but I think I now have a basic idea that I’m going to expand and work with. It doesn’t help that I’m also incredibly ill recently. I am worried that I’m also editing my next production, computers are not my friend.

I think at least now I’m starting to realise my strengths and weaknesses.

Ident Diary - 1

Today I settled on my companies name for my ident, I agreed on using the name “Carpe Diem Creative” with my client. Carpe Diem meaning “seize the day” in Latin, it’s a lovely quote to fill you with the idea of possibility, hope and succession.

Today I had my first attempt at creating a logo on In Design, I’m having difficulty getting to grips with the process but it’s interesting and fun to learn to use. I’ll post as I further my progress.

Success and Failures in Onscreen Graphics

The media industry is a perfect example of “Nothing is perfect”. Every company, no matter what they do, whether it’s film, television, advertising or idents, can succeed or they can fail. Some projects can be extremely successful, some can simply flop.

The first task for an ident is to assure that the audience will recognise or be able to pick up the name or a logo of what it is they’re watching. For example, if somebody sits down to watch television and they don’t know what channel they’re on, they waited until the break to find out and they saw this ident :
The viewer clearly knows they’re watching the Syfy channel. They know this because they’re presented with the name of the channel, so we now know the corporate identity. We’re then told to “Imagine Greater” which is a display of text based information. We are to assume from the name of the channel and the colours, the movement of the ident itself, the tagline, that this channel gives us something beyond normality. Programmes that are fictional and beyond the norm. You wouldn’t expect to find a reality show on the Syfy channel, or music videos.
The use of white and slight shadows and the purple makes the ident look very clean cut and futuristic, the shifting effect of the font reminds me of Transformers, which as robots, is again, associated with Syfy so this works with the image of the Syfy brand and will appeal to the target audience.

This next ident was created for the game Dragon Age, created by EA and Bioware : 
The adaptation of this ident for Dragon Age 2 are amongst my favourites of the idents I’ve looked at. The colour scheme for the game is perfect, the use of the red dragon is fast paced as it comes seemingly through the screen towards you as it breathes fire, the effect of blood and and wispy, smoke creating a shroud of mystery and fantastical element to the ident compliments what you’re about to play and is almost a little preview of what to expect. Colour plays a vital role is designing your logo and ident, people have instant reactions to different colours and colour schemes, the main colour we’re looking at in this ident is red, red stirs these emotions in us.
Action, Adventure, Aggression, Blood, Danger, Drive, Energy, Excitement, Love, Passion, Strength and Vigor
Making the colour choice perfect for this specific games ident. 
I was the target audience for this ident and I enjoyed watching it every time I turned on the game, the colours work together, the music is a rising of anticipation, it gets the audience excited and tense, prepared to play.

Something that needs to be kept in mind throughout the creation of your ident is how you intend for it to be viewed by your audience. It is vital that pay attention to aspect ratios, most idents created for the use of television will be made for the aspect ratio of 4:3. You may need to create an ident to be used in many different formats, for example on an internet video, for an iPhone, Blackberry or other smart phones and most importantly, television. If you were to create a really quick paced ident for the use of television is may not flow and load quick enough on a site such as Youtube, the ident may jump and thus your audience may become impatient and turn off what they were planning to watch.

Music is key to a good ident, if you’re creating an ident for a channel that teenagers watch, you want the music to be upbeat and modern. If you’re creating an ident for a channel that shows wildlife documentaries, you may not choose music at all but instead sounds of the rainforest, or the ocean. The soundtrack used of the top of your ident reflects on you as a company and who you want to associate with your brand. Here is an example of an ident that succeeded. 
This National Geographical Wild ident uses a very slow paced tune in the background, underneath the sounds of animals, insects, wings and the rustling of trees, the sounds work well with the ident. 

A channel I personally watch regularly is FX. Please watch the following ident.
Again, the use of red, which promotes danger, passion, aggression, excitement, love and strength. These emotions are what the programmes are about that FX shows. I am brand loyal to FX and if I see their logo or their ident or an advert for a programme being shown on their channel, I will mostly check out what it is, because you as your incitement of brand loyalty grows, so does your trust in a channel. 

Amongst many successors of course there are some idents that are confusing, misleading, sometimes offensive and unappealing.
For example this ident created for G4 was sure to offend some of their audience.
It was shown during an advert break and was soon taken off air due to causing offence.

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